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Bear Hug Honey

Bear Hug Honey

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Dynamite Honey: Sweet Heat: A paradox of deliciousness. We infused Southern grown chilies, a dash of vinegar, and a light, sweet honey to create our spiciest honey, Dynamite Hot Honey. Perfect for topping off grilled salmon, pizza, pork, peaches, stir-fry vegetables, fruits, sharp cheeses, and ice cream. Aka, it's delicious on just about anything.

Wildflower Honey: Locally harvested in Georgia, our Georgia Wildflower Honey has the perfect combination of floral flavors and sweetness. A little bolder to the taste; it's a true Classic Honey!

Ginger Honey: Our Ginger Honey is tasty on just about anything! We slowly soak in fresh, shredded ginger into our light sweet honey. Then, with patience we let the ginger infuse its fresh spice into our honey, creating just the right amount of sweet and zest. Ginger Honey the perfect addition to stir fry dishes, roasted vegetables, hot tea, as well as drizzling over strong cheeses, fresh fruits, and fresh baked bread. Let your imagination be your limit! Ginger is also known to be anti-inflammatory, removes muscle pain, and settles your stomach!

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